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The Weavers of Barabanki

Barabanki district in Uttar Pradesh had a thriving trade of hand woven fabric. However, with increasing mechanisation of production, power looms, dominance of middle men and other such factors, many weavers are forced to leave their family profession and migrate to towns in search of jobs. A few families continue to weave and are bearing the responsibility of preserving the age old practice.

AMAN Trust has begun a modest programme with weaver families in Baragaon village of Baranbanki, trying to motivate them with better wages and exposure to profitable markets. The prices of these high quality fabric is far below the present market price. This has been made possible by elimination of middlemen and direct transfer of products from producers to end consumers. The proceedings earned from the sales of the yardage is to be used to scale up production, so that more people can participate and benefit from the programme. The profits earned will contribute towards social programmes on health and education in the concerned villages.